Amber Young

Content Strategist & Copywriter

Amber is a lifelong reader and writer who takes pride in applying her English degree nearly every day in her work as a content strategist and copywriter.

She started her career working at a nonprofit and wearing all of the hats, from public relations to publications to websites and social media. Today, she has 15 years of experience in roles that focus on content strategy, creation and marketing, with a little bit of project management thrown in for good measure.

Amber brings a sense of enthusiasm and fun to her work. She is never more satisfied than when she has sifted through all of the details to uncover the spark of truth that makes a story shine. As an organized creative, she enjoys crafting strategies and plans nearly as much as she likes the work of bringing them to life.

Her natural curiosity has resulted in work within multiple industries and projects for varied clients including Nike, OHSU, Intel, Citrix, and Wells Fargo.

In her time off, you can find her exploring the great outdoors, reading all of the books, cooking big meals filled with local produce, pursuing her love of photography and finding fun with her husband and their big, goofy labradoodle.


Content strategy, copywriting, digital marketing

Favorite Game

Air Hockey, Ms. PacMan, or Cards Against Humanity

Favorite Places

Italy, the Oregon Coast, Glacier National Park, the San Juan Islands, and Iceland

Did you know?

Amber can whistle like a bird and knows the words to almost every song that was ever popular.

Vancouver, WA