Mark Clifton

Senior Visual Designer

A veteran visual expert, and talented senior creative, Mark is tasked with creating awe-inspiring design solutions for our clients. Immersing himself in all things client and customer, Mark is able to develop a visual language that speaks for both parties in an effective and connected way.

As a Senior Visual Designer, Mark brings our user experience strategies to life by tactically developing client visuals and distilling detailed consumer interaction plans into functional, customer-savvy site designs.

If not taking the world by storm with design, you can find Mark enjoying the outdoors or at home enjoying a cheesy cult classic film.


Information architecture including nav structure and wireframes. Visual design of component, icon, and visual identity systems. Photo, video, and illustration art direction and editing. Motion graphics and micro-animations. Front-end dev in HTML, CSS/Sass, vanilla Javascript, and jQuery with quite a bit of experience in WordPress and Cascade CMS. Accessibility and performance testing and optimization.

Favorite Game

Doom Eternal

Favorite Places

Bahia Honda State Park in the Florida Keys, Cayo Costa island on the Florida Gulf Coast, the Appalachian Mountains, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, and Buford Highway

Did You Know?

Mark was pretty serious about music growing up; he nearly majored in music composition instead of graphic design, but then got obsessed with typography. He also joined a ska band in the 1990s.

Atlanta, Georgia