About Us

Kanopi emerged from a love of treehouses.

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Treehouses are amazing structures in the sky. Incredible works of craftsmanship and creativity that exist in a larger context of their surroundings. Kanopi vowed to build a web agency upon that same foundation: pairing creative solutions with sustainable and strong architecture, while keeping the client’s entire ecosystem in mind. Read more about the history of Kanopi and the origin of our name.



Why Kanopi?

Women Run

Kanopi founders Anne Stefanyk and Jill Taiji stand in front of the other Kanopians with their arms folded in front of their chests.

Women led & family owned.

Anne started Kanopi in 2013 with her sister Jill. It’s grown into a world-class website strategy, design, development, and support agency with 60+ employees . . . and counting.

Values Driven

Denise still smiling

Our seven values guide our work.

Our values guide us so we can work in harmony with each other and with you to create great outcomes.

  • We value human connection. We are #BetterTogether.
  • We value being #Nimble and helpful.
  • We value #Clarity.
  • We value that when something is complex, we #OwnIt.
  • We value contributing #Trust daily.
  • We value supporting our #Community.
  • We value expressing #Gratitude.

Holistic Approach

Will and Adam making plans

Holistic and thoughtful while staying nimble.

Because websites constantly evolve, we designed our approach to consider both design and development at all times. We are also able to jump in at any phase. Need a new site from scratch? We can do that. Need just one portion of the process? We can do that too. Continuous improvement post-launch? We’ve got this. Basically, we empower you at any stage so you can grow your brand with confidence.

Customer Focused

Tanya Threlfall and Anne Stefanyk of Kanopi talking and smiling.

You'll get the White Glove treatment.

We focus on your customers’ needs, but we are also hyper-focused on your needs. We give every client the white glove treatment because they deserve it. Plus many of us are Canadian, so we’re extra-nice.

Experienced Team

Kanopi Developers

We're highly-skilled and talented.

All Kanopians have at least 10 years experience in their specialty, so your team will always be highly skilled and talented.

Human Centric

Tommy sharing his thoughts

Supporting humans on both sides of the screen.

We build sites that are easy and straightforward for those who need them and those who use them. But additionally, we support the humans who create them. We work hard to make life better for our employees, our clients, and their audiences.

Remote Staff

Kanopi staff on a zoom call

The best talent across North America.

Kanopi has been remote since its beginnings. Our talent is all based in either the USA or Canada, with concentrations of folks in San Francisco, Boston, Vancouver, and Austin. This means we are available during work hours in all time zones from Hawaii to Maine. It also gives our employees the ability to live where it’s best for them, while providing the flexibility for us to find the best talent for our clients.

We Give Back

AmyJune sharing at DrupalCon

We donate time, knowledge, and money.

Because community is one of our values, we believe in giving back time (and money) to enrich and support our open-source community. We offer 4 hours per month on Kanopi for employees to contribute toward the Drupal and/or WordPress communities, or mentoring in another capacity during work hours. If employees contribute in their spare time, we have a program to reward that too.

In addition to donating time, we are also a founding sponsor for Discover Drupal, the Drupal Association’s new initiative to unlock opportunities for people who have been underrepresented in the open-source community.

Lastly, we give financially every year to Code 2040, in addition to other charitable organizations.