Rebecca Warner

Account Manager

Rebecca helps clients strategize their site’s user experience while solving immediate web support problems as an Account Manager at Kanopi Studios. With over 15 years of web development experience across WordPress and Drupal, Rebecca is a seasoned pro when it comes to building beautiful websites that are a joy to use. 

Her familiarity with the latest and greatest plugins, hosting environments, and common development hiccups make her an asset on every web design project, plus she’s an expert at articulating what tasks developers should perform to meet client needs. On top of having a strategic mindset, Rebecca’s marketing background gives her unique insight into helping clients accomplish their goals.

When she’s not nurturing successful client and partner relationships at Kanopi, you’ll most likely find Rebecca spending time with her family and three dogs outside, whether that’s at the beach, on a trail, or at the top of a snow-covered mountain. 


PHP, Javascript, Java, HTML, and other database coding languages with some experience with ruby on rails and python thrown in for good measure. Rebecca also has extensive experience with app and web app development.

Favorite Game

Any board or card game — it’s one of Rebecca’s family’s favorite activities to do together.

Favorite Places

A sunny beach, out in nature with her hiking boots on, Italy where she studied in college, and Mexico with a taco in hand.

Did You Know?

Rebecca was in two car accidents within 25 hours of each other when she was 17 and showed up on the same page of the newspaper twice!

Saginaw, Michigan