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Welcome to KANOPI™. We designbuild, and support websites for clients who want to make a positive impact.

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First Tee + Kanopi: a custom multi-site solution to manage 150+ member sites and create a unified nonprofit brand.

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When your website doesn’t reach its potential, neither can you.

Bad websites waste time, money, and reputations. Your site isn’t just the face of your organization; it’s what leads your visitors down the path to interact and engage with you. And if it’s not an easy experience for users, you won’t achieve your goals. You need to tell your story and convert your users.

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A bad design and confusing user experience kills leads.

If it’s hard for your audience to find what they’re looking for, you risk losing them.

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Messy backends confuse editors and maintainers.

Websites risk getting out of date and inaccessible if the interface makes updating the site too difficult.

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Lack of data stunts your growth.

Good websites start with research and provide measurable results along the way.

Kanopi does web design and development differently.

The conventional web design process is risky.
The expected way of redoing a website results in longer projects, larger budgets, and inconsistent results. It’s common to spend a lot of time and money and still not get the desired outcome.

At KANOPI™, we reimagine vs rebuild.
Our nimble approach is about adaptive execution. We can jump in at any stage of your site’s lifecycle and determine how best to make improvements. We break down those improvements into discrete stages, launch quickly, then measure the results to make data-informed decisions for the next iteration. It also means we can pivot quickly as priorities change without wasting time or money.

We call this Continuous Website Improvement (CWI). Your website becomes stronger as we strategize, implement, learn and iterate.

Can we rebuild sites entirely? Absolutely, if that’s the best course of action. But our holistic CWI approach keeps your site functional, beautiful, and sustainable as you invest in continuous growth.

An infograph of Kanopi's 3 part CWI process of strategize, implement, learn & iterate.

What does your site need?

Strategic Rebuild

Depending on business and audience needs, we reimagine your site either from scratch, or in iterative pieces that build upon each other after success is proven at each step.

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Continuous Support

The day your site launches is really the first day of your project. Kanopi’s holistic approach to support includes all of our UX, creative and development services.

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Website Growth Plan (WGP)

Need fixes to specific parts of your site to hit a certain goal? Our WGPs are designed to strategically implement smaller improvements that create big impact.

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We create impact for these organizations.

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We work with changemakers in many industries.

Whether it’s in Drupal or WordPress, KANOPI™ has worked with a diverse group of organizations, giving us insight into the needs and trends unique to each.