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First Tee

Helping kids build essential life skills through the game of golf.

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Client Overview

First Tee Logo

First Tee started in 1997 as a non-profit with a mission to make golf affordable and accessible for all kids. Over the past 20 years, they’ve transformed into a youth development organization committed to helping kids build character and important life skills. They provide physical education classes, after-school programs, and access to personal growth opportunities through the sport of golf.

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The challenge

Their website, which included over 150 member sites, served as a resource to connect users to the organization. It also served as the host for their regional chapters and member sites. 

Not only had it grown quite outdated, but it was originally developed using a restrictive web template. These challenges made it difficult for chapters to update their sites efficiently, and their existing vendor was overwhelmed with support cases.

The sites also lacked cohesion, creating confusion about the brand across their international and US chapters.

The process


Multi-Site Build

We developed a brand new multi-site solution that allows for seamless updates by First Tee chapter leads, ensuring consistent branding across the headquarters (HQ) site and all sub-sites.

First Tee Information Architecture


We provided continuous support after the HQ site release to launch the individual member sites — including adding new features, refining old ones, and allowing room for personalization to fit each chapter’s unique needs.

First Tee Homepage Wireframes

The solution

We developed a flexible, easy-to-use solution allowing consistent branding and user-friendly updating across all chapter websites.

We reimagined their user experience and added a new chapter location tool, making it much easier for the First Tee team to own their web experience and share their powerful success stories with the world.

Key features

Better Storytelling

First Tee site example of storytelling

Enhanced storytelling centered around personal case stories from kids, parents, and partners illuminates First Tee’s positive impact.

Seamless Donations

First Tee Donation page

We created a central donation integration that First Tee can syndicate across all chapter sites, alleviating the need for multiple third-party apps.

Location Finder

First Tee website location finder

We introduced an easy-to-use Google Map solution for site visitors to find local chapters by city or zip code.

The result

We created a custom multi-site solution that allows First Tee to house and manage all of their 150+ member sites in a user-friendly way, creating a unified brand and empowering chapter leaders to seamlessly make updates as needed.

As an organization whose website and technical needs are great, we were very cautious and thorough in finding the best partnership for us. Since working with Kanopi, we have received customer service that is honest and transparent while also being persistent to find a solution to the many tasks brought before them. With 150+ sites that’s no small task, but we believe because of this partnership, our online presence will continue to grow.

Austin Williams of First Tee
Austin Williams Marketing Manager Client Since 2022