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American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)

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A Drupal 8 website to help fight climate change

Building a sustainable future  

ACEEE is a bi-partisan nonprofit that collaborates across industries to identify and scale efficient energy solutions and fight climate change. Their website shares information and resources, original research, and the results of collaborative projects.

The problem 

ACEEE’s needed to overhaul its website to allow the organization to serve its increasingly mobile audience. In addition, they were looking for ways to feature their extensive content resources so that users could more easily find what they needed. Their goals were to make content easier to access, offer a mobile-friendly experience, and increase the time spent on their site. 

Design process

User Experience 

The site’s strategy focused on elevating recent and featured content, including ACEEE’s peer-reviewed resources. In addition, the Kanopi team streamlined the organization’s navigation to allow audiences to understand the full breadth of ACEEE’s work.  


Kanopi Studios created a mobile-first design that allowed ACEEE to include more visuals for higher-impact storytelling and an updated color palette to convey trust and stability and better communicate with their business audience.  

The solution 

Drupal 8 allowed Kanopi Studios to build a responsive site for ACEEE that helped showcase their story across devices. The new site is modular, providing flexibility and new ways to feature content and imagery. The Kanopi team used content filtering to help users find what they are looking for and navigate through the organization’s content-rich site. 

Key features

Content filtering

Filtering was added throughout the site to provide users and easy way to find what they need by keyword, author, program or topic.


The new site allows ACEEE to share upcoming and past events, drawing attention to important details like registration, accommodations, speakers, and sponsor logos.

Topic pages

Topic pages allow ACEEE to highlight key issues and break them down into digestible sections with images.

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