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Want to work with a great team helping wonderful brands? We are always looking for qualified talent to add to our ever-growing group of “Kanopians.” Current openings are below. And if you don’t see anything that’s a perfect fit, please contact us anyway and send us your resume. We always love meeting talented people, and you never know what the future may hold.

Website Support Project Manager / Producer - Remote

Project Management

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WordPress Technical Lead - Remote


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Sales Assistant - Remote (US)


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Drupal Developer - Remote


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Drupal Tech Lead - Remote (US)


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Kanopi benefits

Health Insurance

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Comprehensive coverage

Kanopi offers comprehensive medical, dental and vision insurance coverage. For US employees, we offer several options through United Healthcare, covering up to 100% of the total cost of health benefits for our employees. For our Canadian employees, we cover 100% of the premium cost for MSP coverage.

Professional Development

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We love learning.

Kanopi provides each employee up to $2,000 total per calendar year for the cost of conference or professional development expenses.

Paid Time Off

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We believe in balance.

All Kanopi employees receive 18 days of Paid Time Off, encompassing Vacation Leave, Sick Leave, and Personal Leave. Additionally, we are closed for 10 statutory holidays (both in the US and Canada), and our office is closed for the time between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day.

Remote Work

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Work where you want.

Some people may not define this as a “benefit,” but we do. We want to work with the best talent in Canada and the USA: by working remotely, we meet our talent any place they might be. Whether you work best in your backyard, in a shared space, or a favorite coffee shop, our use of remote tools allows us to collaborate with you wherever wifi may take you.

Community Time

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Contribute back to the community.

We offer 4 hours per month (on us) for employees to contribute toward the Drupal community during work hours. And, if you contribute in your spare time, we have a program to reward you for that, too!


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Diverse teams are better.

At Kanopi, we believe a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and voices make for a better workplace and better work. We are over 50% women, and have people from several underrepresented groups on staff.

But we can do better. We strongly and enthusiastically encourage people of color, individuals who identify within and beyond the LGBTQ+ spectrum, women, and people with disabilities to apply. No staffing agencies, please.

And more!

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Basically, we support you.

At certain milestones you’ll get Kanopi swag, and lots of it. You’ll also get great memberships and other cool stuff on your birthday and “workiversary.” Besides recognizing each other daily with virtual tacos, we also love recognizing other important milestones, like a new baby, a new house, or graduation from school. We go beyond simply paying you for being a solid employee. We’re always coming up with ways to celebrate Kanopians to support them and what makes them happy.

Have more questions about a particular benefit? Contact us at hr@kanopi.com

Our values guide us to work in harmony with each other and you to create great outcomes.

  • We value human connection. We are #BetterTogether.
  • We value being #Nimble and helpful.
  • We value #Clarity.
  • We value that when something is complex, we #OwnIt.
  • We value contributing #Trust daily.
  • We value contributing to our #Community.
  • We value expressing #Gratitude.

Having coded remotely for almost 20 years as either a solopreneur or lone remote worker in an otherwise office-based company, working with the entirely distributed Kanopi team  has been really satisfying. Working for a company that structures itself accordingly has made me happier. Happiness makes us productive, and being distributed makes us dynamic. You might say we are naturally agile.

Shiraz Dindar
Senior Drupal Engineer
Kim Murphy Designer at Kanopi Studios

Kanopi Studios is the third company I’ve worked for remotely, and it is by far the best!  What sets Kanopi worlds apart is the team communication.  Kanopi is excellent in staying in touch via Slack and video chats.  Anne does an amazing job balancing work and play for our team. I love working remotely for the benefits it provides my family, but I previously always missed the social aspect of an in-office environment.  At Kanopi, I no longer do!

Kim Murphy
Visual Designer

Kanopi provides the best benefits of working remotely and of a office atmosphere. There is so much I love and appreciated about Kanopi to rave about just one is difficult. The freedom that it provides an employee is that of remote contractor, all with the structure of an office employee. I have worked remotely for nearly 10+ years, and Kanopi has done it right! The amount of talent under its roof is astounding. Everyday, there is something to learn from a coworker.

Shane Robinson
Solutions Architect

I love the positive rapport among the team, the unique ability to work autonomously and yet very connected via messaging and video chats with my international colleagues, and the freedom to build the life I want. It can be crazy at times, but it is up to me how I manage the crazy! I love, love, love it here. #KanopiLife

Darlyne Dolap
Kanopi Cultural Ambassador

I am so glad that Kanopi and I found each other. I enjoy ‘coming’ to work every day to work on meaningful projects with great people. Kanopi fully supports their staff, both at work and in their daily lives. There is a wonderful sense of community and collaboration in this remote agency that is purposefully created and maintained by everyone in it.

Faye Polson
WordPress Engineer