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Cohen Veterans Network (CVN)

A philanthropic organization providing high-quality, accessible, and comprehensive mental health care to post-9/11 veterans and their families.
CVN on multiple devices

Client overview

The Cohen Veterans Network’s mission is to improve the quality of life for veterans, including those from the National Guard and Reserves, active duty, and their families. CVN works to strengthen mental health outcomes and complement existing support. Their vision is to ensure that every veteran, active duty service member, and family member is able to obtain access to high-quality care that enables them to lead fulfilling and productive lives.

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The Challenge

The CVN website was outdated and they needed an  update of their design and functionality. In 6 years, they grew their footprint from 2-3 clinics to 12-15 clinics throughout the US. Their website hadn’t been significantly updated in that time and it didn’t particularly appeal to each of their core user groups including veterans, families, and active military. The new site needed defined pathways for their core groups, updated functionality, updated design and improved navigation.

The Process

Site Redesign

Kanopi modernized CVN’s site design and architecture, enhancing their existing personas and leveraging their current branding to update the look of the site and create new pathways for their core user groups.

CVN website wireframe

Improved Navigation

We restructured their sitemap to develop the new pathways, added technical features, and updated their site to the newest version of WordPress to increase overall functionality.

CVN Website sitemap

The Solution

Kanopi created a modern, attractive, visually-driven website that spoke to the broader CVN audience. It functioned as a tool to inform their core groups on what CVN had to offer, creating pathways to find help wherever they are. We added helpful technical features, improved the site’s navigation and made the site easier to update and use.

Key Features

CVN Website clinic locator

Improved Clinic Locator

The new locator features an interactive map for visitors to find in-person care locations, telehealth solutions, and future clinic locations.

CVN website showing pathways

Customized Cohort Pathways

Dedicated homepages and pathways were developed for each of CVN’s 3 different audiences.

CVN website translated to spanish

Spanish Plug-in

A plugin was developed to translate the entire CVN website into Spanish to support their Hispanic user group.

The Result

With an improved site design and functionality, the CVN team was pleased with the new look, the diversity of imagery, improved navigation, and enhanced user pathways. This multi-pronged approach allowed CVN to better connect with its core groups.

Anthony Guido of CVN
Anthony Guido Vice President, Communications & Public Relations

From the start, we have been very impressed with Kanopi’s creativity. The project moved very well under Timothy’s and Miriam’s guidance. They’ve been flexible and understanding as we hit roadblocks in our internal processes and decision-making. Another key element was how thorough and inclusive they were during our Discovery Process, which led to other departments in our organization feeling connected from day one. Overall, this has been a fantastic experience!

Cohen Veterans Network Client Since 2022

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