Woman with her arms raised to the sky

What does the name “Kanopi” mean?

Kanopi emerged from a love of treehouses.

I have always loved treehouses. Treehouses are amazing structures in the sky. Incredible works of craftsmanship and creativity that exist in a larger context of their surroundings. 

I vowed to build a web agency upon that same foundation: pairing creative solutions with sustainable and strong architecture, while keeping the client’s entire ecosystem in mind.

Having grown up in Costa Rica, my love for the landscape and the forests compelled me to purchase five acres of land in a treehouse community, with the ultimate goal of someday building my own actual treehouse. My passion for treehouses and my recognition of the need for greater customer service in our industry led me to start Kanopi in 2010. 

At the time, I was working on the side for nonprofit and social good clients. I got to know the community and its needs, and saw a market opportunity to create an agency that would provide superior customer service that included quality support, rather than relying only on building beautiful sites. So in 2013, I branched out and created an agency that provided the infrastructure to allow clients to grow their brand beyond launch, while representing my passion for treehouses, and allowing me to save money to build my future home. 

I chose the name “Kanopi” because both treehouses and websites are sustainable ecosystems under a larger canopy: both have beautiful architecture, can be simple or complex, are customizable within their landscape, have strong foundations, need to accommodate constant growth and change, and are limited only by creativity. 

Consider this: no two treehouses are alike. Each has to be specific to its parameters; branch placement and thickness, trunk stability, height, weight, and climate have to be considered. While the tools and materials to create the foundation may be the same wood, the same nails, and the same bolts, the unique nature of each base tree requires a customized foundation to accommodate that landscape. Because the tree on which it sits is ever growing and evolving, the best have flexible foundations to accommodate constant growth and change. 

They can be bare bones but functional, with just walls, windows, and a roof. Or they can be elaborate, with shutters, lighting, and furniture. Both are a unique experience. 

They sit on strong roots that hold the foundation steady. That foundation supports the branches, which supports the leaves, which take in nutrients to support the foundation. It’s cyclical, and self-sustaining. That tree interacts with other creatures, and needs constant care and maintenance to balance the needs of the house with the needs of the tree’s growth. It’s all part of a beautiful balance of a larger ecosystem. 

Sounds analogous to web design and development, right?

Treehouses are placed at the top of the trunk to offer the most stability, but then reach up towards the tree’s canopy, allowing the canopy to act as an overarching support to the framework. The canopy layer provides protection from strong winds and storms, while also intercepting sunlight and precipitation. The canopy also supports the majority of primary productivity for the entire forest.

That’s what we do at Kanopi: we assist other well-intentioned organizations at any stage of their project, supporting their website’s needs so their brand can thrive online. We aim to grow and expand in ways that positively impact the people we reach with our work. 

But equally important is supporting the people who work here with satisfying professional lives so that they can have satisfying personal lives. We work hard so that we can play hard . . . or rest easy! We’re always working to improve our work/life balance so our employees feel fulfilled.

Someday I’ll build my treehouse in Costa Rica. But until then, I am proud of the community we’ve built together. I’m grateful that I’m able to work with great talent, great clients, and great partners who make the web a better place, one site at a time. Each of you makes up valuable members of the Kanopi community. Together, we do more than sustain this ecosystem. We thrive. 

That is the meaning of our name.

Deep roots. Strong foundations. Smart design. Custom builds. Creative solutions. Flexibility. Balance. Sustainability. Care. And support. 

All done with craftsmanship and consideration.  

This is Kanopi Studios.