Anne Stefanyk


As Founder and CEO of Kanopi Studios, Anne helps create clarity around project needs and turns client conversations into actionable outcomes. As someone at the intersection of business development, marketing, and technology, Anne provides digital strategy to clients and organizations in the nonprofit, higher education, government and corporate sectors. She enjoys helping clients identify their problems, translating it all into plain language, and then empowering the Kanopi team to execute stunning website solutions that strengthen brands and help companies succeed. 

Kanopi was born from Anne’s desire to build strong, sustainable, creative websites and provide for their growth beyond launch. The name “Kanopi” represents her passion not only for treehouses but for websites, as both are sustainable ecosystems under a larger canopy: both have beautiful architecture, can be simple or complex, are customizable within their landscape, have strong foundations, need to accommodate constant growth and change, and are limited only by creativity. As such, Kanopi provides quality customer service with a holistic approach that covers the full lifecycle of a website, from initial strategy to beyond launch. 

When she’s not advocating for the open-source community or running her web agency, she enjoys yoga and meditation, time on a bike or in the water, and hanging with her nephew.

Favorite Game


Favorite Places

Where ever her family is, San Francisco, Vancouver Island, SW of Costa Rica

Did you know?

While she was born in Canada and is Canadian through and through, Anne grew up in Costa Rica.

Kanopi Studios CEO - Anne
Victoria BC, San Francisco, CA, & Reno NV