Marc David

Support Admin & QA Engineer

Marc is Kanopi Studio’s support admin, jumping in to help ensure strong communication and quick responses for Kanopi’s growing support team and client list.

His background as a firefighter and EMT taught him to stay calm under pressure and made him adept at handling crisis, two skills that he applies daily to his current role in the ever-evolving world of website support.

In fact, what he loves best about his job is that every day presents a new challenge, filled with shifting priorities and new client needs. While it might be stressful for some, the fast-paced nature of the work makes Marc feel right at home.  

In his free time, you can find him working out, watching hockey, training his dog, or playing video games.  

Favorite Game


Favorite Places

In order: Darcy’s Cafe, his basement man cave, Luna di Luna, local hiking trails, and Target

Did you know?

Marc is double jointed in his shoulders, which means he can put his arms further behind his body than they would ever need to go

Marc Beyer
Burnsville, MN