Grant Proulx

Web Copywriter

Grant is an award-winning copywriter whose background includes all types of marketing communication from TV spots to static web ads. 

He also has experience editing content using a number of content management systems — including WordPress and Drupal — which gives him a broad perspective of how copy needs to be crafted in order to create the most impact. He has written copy for full sites (including naming conventions and microcopy), and has helped plan and design information architecture.

In his spare time, Grant enjoys disrupting sporting events by paragliding into open-roof stadiums, training emus to navigate their way out of escape rooms, and taking advantage of his role as Web Copywriter to make unauthorized edits to his company bio.


  • Clear, concise, effective copy.
  • Original, interesting, relevant ideas.
  • Collaborating with team members.
  • Client interviews.

Favorite game

Mexican Train

Favorite places

His home, New York City, Amsterdam, Ambleside Beach, and the banks of Spain.

Did you know?

While at his portfolio school, Grant once performed a 5-minute comedy set to a live audience and managed to survive with his dignity intact.

North Vancouver, British Columbia