Victoria Beyeler

Delivery Administrative Assistant

As her title suggests, Victoria works alongside the Delivery Team providing much-needed administrative assistance. She describes finding ways to make things easier for her co-workers as her favorite part of the job, for which her co-workers are eternally grateful.


Highly organized and detail-oriented, she loves keeping schedules in order, and updating/maintaining reporting and processes as needed.

Favorite Game

Victoria prefers games with a large, open world such as FFXIV, Witcher 3, Elder Scrolls and Genshin. She also enjoys playing ‘cozy games’ like Yonder, Slime Rancher, and Stardew Valley. However, she aIso dabbles in FPS and puzzle games. So, she either really loves all kinds of video games or she’s just too darn polite to pick a favorite.

Favorite Places

Her home, her favorite Glendale-area restaurants, Hawaii, and anywhere she can convince her husband to travel with her.

Did you know?

In her spare time, she enjoys painting and impulse buying pretty things — and keeping them very neatly organized, no doubt.

Victoria Beyeler
Glendale, Arizona