Zack Bishop

WordPress Engineer

Zack architects solutions for customers utilizing WordPress. Zack started his career selling chocolate at trade shows and state fairs all across the country, but then pivoted to web development for the bulk of his career, where he has created everything from simple brochure sites to monolithic eCommerce web apps.

What Zack enjoys most about working with clients is that with a little ingenuity and some elbow grease (and some code) he gets to empower clients to put their company or product in front of millions of people. 

In his spare time, he enjoys woodworking (particularly making wood swords because swords are cool), keeping things out of his kids' mouths, video games, hiking, cycling, and full-contact origami.


WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, SASS, CSS3, HTML5, ADA Compliance.

Favorite game(s)

Twilight Imperium, D&D, any video game with Borderlands or Fallout in the title.

Favorite places

The woods (doesn’t matter which), his workshop, the Ohio Renaissance Festival, Baldur’s Gate and Middle-Earth.

Did you know?

Zack has been voted the “Funniest Person in the Office” two weekly stand-ups in a row.

Picture of Zack Bishop
Cincinnati, Ohio