TJ Prawel

Sales Representative

T.J. helps explore design solutions for our clients, helping turn their vision into reality. He describes working directly with mission-driven organizations with great reputations as his favorite part of the job, as it gives him the opportunity to help them make a powerful, lasting impact.

Favorite pastimes

T.J. is a certified volunteer Omaha Hockey League coach. Upon hearing this, our Canadian staff immediately designated him as an Honorary Canadian. While it’s mostly symbolic and carries no official status, it does entitle him to an unlimited supply of poutine and toques.

Favorite places

Niagara Falls, Estes Park, CO, Adirondack Park, NY, New York City.

Did you know?

T.J. keeps a list of every wild bird he’s ever seen, dating back to when he was 10 years old. It’s true. Feel free to test him. Go on, name a bird. Make it a hard one, like an Island Scrub Jay.

TJ Prawel
Omaha, Nebraska