Michael Crawford

Drupal Technical Lead

As a Drupal Technical Lead, Michael builds beautiful websites that are a joy to visit for clients at Kanopi Studios. He’s a puzzle solver and future thinker, which allows him to effortlessly solve clients’ most challenging web presence issues while providing his expert thoughts on extending the life of their websites. 

Michael enjoys introducing people to the latest tools available for building the best websites, and he’s always on top of the current tech that’s out there. Having started building custom CMS solutions, Michael is well versed in both WordPress and Drupal and is now a full-stack developer. 

When he’s not building websites, he’s an avid DIYer and is willing to work on anything that doesn’t involve heights or sharks.


Drupal, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Git, HTML, Vue JS, jQuery, CSS, Twig, and Sass.

Favorite Game

Cornhole, Dominos, Fantasy Football, Ping Pong, and Darts.

Favorite Places

His local park, his barn, any mountain, river, lake, or stream.

Did You Know?

Michael recently bought 3 acres of land an hour and a half away from his house with 20 fruit trees, 60 blueberry bushes, and a 40 ft pole barn from where he sometimes works.