Nikane Mallea

Account Manager

Nikane is an ex-professional cyclist turned seasoned Account Manager who has worked in the sports, marketing, education, and IT sectors. As a hobbyist developer, she enjoys building websites for herself or friends and family. Those experiences inform her work as she understands all the parts that go into building world-class digital experiences. 

The main task Nikane solves for Kanopi clients is transforming a vision into reality, and her favorite part of the job is that every client and project is unique, offering a new learning experience each time.

When she’s not guiding web projects over the finish line, Nikane loves building, designing and tinkering with everything from cars to paper mache, as well as landscaping, property renovation and stonework.


Certified PMP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python, Vue.js.

Favorite Game


Favorite Places

El Mascarat Cove (Poble Mascarat Spain), Urdaibai estuary (Basque Country, Spain), Tucson Mountain Park (Arizona, USA), Montepulciano (Tuscany, Italy), Blue Grotto (Malta).

Did You Know?

Nikane was born in a log cabin that her father built from scratch, and she was delivered by the neighbor.

Tuscon, AZ