Elena Chechulina

Drupal Engineer

Elena crafts the visual and interactive elements of websites using Drupal. She translates design concepts into functional web interfaces, helping ensure seamless user experiences. 

An artist at heart, she says it was her lifelong passion for visual arts and web design that ultimately led her down her current career path. So it’s no surprise that solving creative problems and collaborating with the team are her favorite parts of her job. She also derives immense joy from building websites for diverse educational institutions, non-profit and commercial organizations.


Elena’s skills include crafting engaging web applications and harnessing Drupal’s capabilities for building captivating, inclusive web experiences.

Favorite Game


We know what you’re thinking… and yes, we also had no idea what that was until we looked it up.

Favorite Places

The Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu, Rome, and the Caribbean coast. She also loves international airports because, as she puts it, “adventures start from there.” No one can say Drupal engineers aren’t romantic.

Did you know? 

Elena once seriously considered moving to Australia to study, but she chose Canada instead because moving here was easier for her cats.

Today, they’re both employed as Elena’s executive assistants.

Elena Chechulina
London, Ontario