Scott Knauss

Security Expert

As Kanopi’s security expert, Scott gets paid to break into our clients’ computers.

After starting his career training and working as a nuclear power plant operator with the US Navy, Scott shifted his career into computers in 1994. After exiting the Navy in 1996, Scott continued as a contractor for the Navy: beginning at the help desk, he moved to administration and then on to leading the Network Operations Center responsible for protecting the Navy’s 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean from cyber threats. After more than 15 years in Naples, Italy, Scott returned to the US and began performing security audits and penetration testing. He especially enjoyed breaking into systems on ships at sea while sitting in a cold, dimly lit room onshore.

Scott’s breadth of experience from the NOC teamed with his passion for security and ethical hacking make him an excellent resource for establishing and maintaining network security.

Scott works with clients on security issues of all types. Whether it’s with Drupal, WordPress, backend, SQL, Linux, Client, etc, he can help with a full range of requirements. His knowledge includes network security audits; HIPAA, FISMA, and DISA STIG compliance; PCI; architecture recommendations; computer network defense; and security policy creation.

When he’s not (ethically) hacking Kanopi’s clients, Scott enjoys creating full 360x180 degree panoramic photography.


Security, Penetration testing, Linux, Openstack, Openshift/Kubernetes.

Favorite Game

Clash Royale

Favorite Places

Verona, Bavaria, Dublin, Naples, London

Did you know?

Scott has made 4 Transatlantic moves (Italy <–> US ) in the last 5 years.

Scott's Photo
Wiesbaden, Germany