Sofia Shendi

WordPress Engineering Manager

Sofia began building sites in 2005 after getting her first job in web development. She fell in love with front-end development, especially with CSS and user experience. While Sofia’s experience with technology over the years has included Vue.js to artificial intelligence, WordPress is still her favorite CMS solution.

As a WordPress Engineering Manager, Sofia helps both clients and colleagues. For clients, she strives to find the perfect technical solution for their needs. For other Kanopians, she works to empower engineers by helping them grow in their current roles.

Outside of work, Sofia plays tennis and lifts weights, travels whenever possible, loves trying the latest Bon Appetit recipes, and enjoys going out for natural wine and delicious food in Montreal.


WordPress, CSS, User Experience, Artificial Intelligence, Project Management

Favorite game

Frisbee, and other outdoor games that involve movement.

Favorite places

Bali, Marrakech, Vancouver, Montreal, and Los Angeles

Did you know?

In her 20s, Sofia organized a few underground queer parties where she got to play her favorite songs.

Montréal, Québec