Allison Manley

Director of Marketing & Communications

Allison is a recovering (and award-winning) designer who applies her creative and organizational skills to marketing strategy for Kanopi. Her diverse, multi-disciplinary background — which in addition to design includes glassblowing, publishing, podcasting, and figure skating — contributes to strong relationships to which she offers a broad perspective.

Her job is to tell the story of Kanopi by sharing information, writing, working with staff and partners, and keeping the brand cohesive across all channels. And since she maintains this site and wrote this, she can say she considers it a privilege to be able to work every day with fun, smart people who make her job easier; her colleagues keep clients so happy with solid work and processes that the clients, in turn, are obliging in helping Allison with case studies and positive feedback.

When not keeping the Kanopi brand on point, Allison is watching skating or organizing something somewhere.


Marketing, writing, branding, design, web accessibility, HubSpot, Adobe Suite.

Favorite Game

Kid-friendly: Monopoly, the Star Wars Edition

Not-so-kid-friendly: Cards Against Humanity

Favorite Places

Chicago, Paris, Vancouver, the Cowpasture River in Virginia, and most ice rinks.

Did You Know?

Allison was almost on the David Letterman show: he had an open casting call for Stupid Human Tricks, and Allison beat out roughly 80 people to come in 6th place. But the show only took the top three finalists. So close!