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Taking small bites to create big wins.
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Website growth plans

Smart planning leads to informed decisions.

Kanopi’s approach has always been centered around empowerment of our clients to maintain and improve their website, giving them the information they need to take impactful steps forward.

Our Website Growth Plans have become a powerful tool in that continued effort.

Kanopi has created several strategic packages to help our clients help identify their website needs. Connect with us to learn more about the plans below or to hear about additional Website Growth Plans.

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Website growth plans

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Website Reimagine Strategy

This plan is a concentration of UX research, content strategy, and a bite-sized amount of design. It helps formulate a game plan that drives clarity for the team and gets some early design thinking on the table. Plus, it is actually a wonderful use of time as it is the first step in an overall design and development project, as the deliverables include a roadmap to launch. This plan includes user stories and a tech estimate range for implementation.

Usability & Design

Uncovering a data-informed optimization plan incorporating user experience, visual design and content recommendations delivered in an actionable plan for next steps.

Content Strategy

Amplify your message through an a powerful analysis of important information, including user needs, competitor analysis, personas and Customer Decision Journey mapping — from Awareness to Advocacy. This package focuses on storytelling content, user experience, visual design recommendations, and more.

Drupal 7 Transition Plan

Feel secure planning and budgeting for the transition from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 or to WordPress. This plan removes the “unknown” and illuminates the details for your organization to make an informed decision and take action on next steps.


Reach your audience and meet compliance with Website Compliance Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1 AA or higher) through a skillful analysis and recommendations action plan.

Website Code Review

Review all core, contributed, and custom code. Evaluate site hosting, performance, accessibility, SEO and security against industry benchmarks. Provide an actionable plan to fix.

Technical SEO

A deep-dive into your website to analyze your SEO technical health to set you up for search engine optimization success.

I need a customized plan

If none of those work for you, fear not! We can create a plan that is custom to your specific site’s needs and business goals. Contact us.

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