Denise Beyer

VP of Delivery

As our VP of Delivery, Denise is the liaison between Kanopi and client. She ensures all clients are valued, heard and validated, so they can count on Kanopi to help guide them in achieving their support goals.

Denise is a result oriented leader, highly motivated, organized and dedicated individual who thrives on a sense of accomplishment. She’s worked with Drupal as a site builder since 2007 (Drupal 4.7). This deep knowledge helps her coordinate between developers and clients, and manage maintenance projects. She believes that Drupal sites, when built correctly, should utilize the full admin configurations and allow users the freedom to easily expand and control items on their sites.

Sometimes clients are not sure what the issue is, how to solve it or even how to describe it. Denise steps in to help clients figure out needs and next steps. Her top priorities are helping clients understand the "tech" speak, making sure they understand the process, and keeping communication channels open so everyone is on the same page with goals and expectations.

When she’s not empowering clients with knowledge on how to use their sites, Denise can be found volunteering at a food shelf, playing volleyball, kickboxing, and spoiling her grandpuppy.


Drupal admin and Project Management chops

Favorite Game

Any card game

Favorite Places

The front porch at her Mom and Dad’s. Anywhere tropical and with a beach. Minnehaha Park.

Did you know?

Denise was born in Valencia, Venezuela.