Ben Merkley

Senior Project Manager

As our Senior Website Build Project Manager, Ben’s job is to understand our clients’ needs and clearly convey those to team members. He oversees multiple clients and projects, ensuring they always have the resources and support they need. Coming from a Drupal development and sales background, he’s a genuine sponge-brain who loves to learn new things — which is why his favorite part of the job is learning as much as possible about each client’s business goals and their industry overall.


Certified Scrum Master, Certified Product Owner, PHP, CSS, Twig, HTML, Javascript, Enterprise sales, Agile, Jira, Confluence

Favorite Game

StarCraft 2

Favorite Places

Italy, Farmers markets, Farmers markets in Italy, His balcony, The taco truck and spa down the block from him (hopefully these aren’t at the same location)

Did you know?

Given his love for soaking up knowledge, it’s no surprise that Ben enjoys going down proverbial rabbit holes to learn as much as he can about new topics. One of the practical benefits of these deep dives is that they’ve made him a product research expert. For example, ask him about backpacks. Go on… we dare you.

Ottawa, Ontario