Shane Robinson

WordPress Engineering Manager

Shane is Kanopi Studios' oldest employee. Shane not only helps to lead Kanopi's WordPress Developers but as a developer who specializes in both Drupal and WordPress theming and development himself, Shane takes beautiful designs and makes them functional on the web. He also provides support in building new functionality or maintaining a site, assists with creating estimates for potential clients, and manages many of our Higher Education clients

Along with having years of experience in web development and design, he also has many years of experience in the visual arts industry as a digital artist. He’s created 3D models, environments, and animations for television, DVD and companies like Disney.

Besides enjoying working with other Kanopians, Shane also enjoys snowboarding, drawing, painting, kettlebells, yoga, playing with his Boston Terriers, and people watching at coffee shops.


WordPress, Drupal, Xhtml/HTML5, CSS, sass, less, Javasript, jquery, PHP, HTML, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Wireframing, Conceptualization, Interface Design

Favorite Game

Seeing who can get to the bottom of a mountain the fastest.

Favorite Places

The top of a cold snowy mountain with a board strapped to my feet. Musée Rodin, Paris. Italy. A beach with my partner Julia. Any park bench with a hot coffee.