Jill Taiji

Chief Operations Officer

Jill is the positive, smiling glue that holds everything together in the “office.” She directly manages the day-to-day operations that support the growth and bottom line of Kanopi Studios.

Her ability to interpret needs, identify challenges and create effective strategies are second-to-none, making her one of Kanopi Studios’ most valuable assets.

She believes that websites are a cornerstone of branding and media exposure, and recognizes that the devil is indeed in the details — a crucial key to success that compliments the overarching, big picture goals of Kanopi Studios as a premier web agency.

As part of managing operations, she handles all administrative and reporting procedures, talent and acquisition management of new hires, and any insurance and tax needs. She also handles everything related to financials, including client invoicing, payroll, contractor payments, and expenses. And so much more.  

Since Jill loves to organize, she’s very fulfilled by organizing Kanopi Studios. When not keeping the rest of Kanopi in line, she’s found participating in Bootcamp, gardening, yoga, hiking, and any kind of family adventures.


Organization and managing all the details

Favorite Games

Shanghai rummy, and anything that involves hanging out and playing with her one year old

Favorite Places

Costa Rica (where she grew up), Tahiti/Moorea, Victoria, BC