Jill Taiji

Chief Financial Officer

JIll is the glue to our organization that helps everything run behind the scenes. She manages our day-to-day operations and finances to support the growth and efficiency of Kanopi. 

Her ability to interpret needs, forecast, and create effective strategies are second-to-none, making her one of Kanopi’s most valuable assets.

She possesses a deep skill set in operations, financial planning, and organizational management. In her ten years with Kanopi, she has handled everything related to financials, including client invoicing, cash flow management, taxes, and more. And her job doesn't stop there.  

As part of managing operations, she oversees all project implementation, estimation, reporting, and scheduling, with sharp predictive analysis skills and intimate knowledge of project planning. 

A self-taught Jill of many trades, she approaches the challenge of wearing many hats for Kanopi with a positive attitude and pleasant demeanor, but when away from her desk, you can find her gardening, running, hiking, practicing yoga, or spending time with her family. 


Organizational operations, project planning, reporting, financial planning, forecasting, predictive analysis and cash flow management.

Favorite Games

Anything that involves hanging out and playing with her kids!

Favorite Places

Costa Rica (where she grew up), Victoria, BC, anywhere hot.