Katherine White

Chief Technology Officer

Katherine is a full-stack web LAMP developer. She’s been building websites since 1999, working in WordPress since 2003, and Drupal since 2007. She found her way to Kanopi as a client; when she worked at a marketing/brand agency, Katherine was so impressed with how Kanopi managed a project under challenging conditions that she was eager to join the team.

As Chief Technology Officer, Katherine’s job is to keep Kanopi excelling in all things technical. She is a Solutions Architect with a proven track record spanning 15 years of client-facing technology leadership for clients ranging from small businesses and high-growth startups to global business and consumer divisions of Fortune 500 enterprises. She helps clients see the relationship between their business needs and their technical solution, and guides them towards maximizing the impact and longevity of their sites with the budget they have available.

As an experienced cross-functional team leader, Katherine guides project teams, defines requirements, and provides project oversight while serving as a solutions-focused client partner. She is a passionate advocate for rewarding user experiences and future-proof development methodologies.

Her favorite part of the job is getting to work with other bright, capable, and dedicated to Kanopians and clients. She also enjoys helping non-profit and higher education clients who are making a positive impact on the world around them, often under challenging circumstances.

Outside of Kanopi, Katherine is the mother of two kids, and is the queen of improvisational bedtime stories and reading aloud in a thousand different accents and voices. She knits hats (that materialize), and plans home improvement projects (that have yet to materialize). She hopes someday to be a novelist.


Full-stack WordPress development (theming, site building, and plugin development), JavaScript development including Ember applications and Node.js utilities, third-party tool and API integration in both front-end and back-end scenarios, WCAG accessibility compliance, Google Analytics implementation and reporting, application architecture for both Drupal and WordPress applications

Favorite Game

The Eden Cinematic Unisystem

Favorite Places

White Rock Beach on Maui, Paris at night, the top of Mt. Koya, the coast of Cape Cod Bay at sunrise, and bed.

Did you know?

Kat used to be a belly dance instructor.