Vicki Drever

HR Coordinator

For the past several years, Vicki has used her formidable organizational skills to help Kanopi and potential clients navigate processes related to HR. Regardless of whether an employee's needs are complex and require mountains of paperwork, or whether it’s a simpler process, Vicki is on top of all the details.

Vicki draws from her diverse background (marketing, education, non-profit development, and finance) to assist Kanopi’s employees in onboarding and navigating their experience at Kanopi. Years of focusing on user experience naturally progressed to a desire to dive even deeper into the range of HR needs. Employees reach out to HR asking for expertise, and Vicki coordinates that expertise back in a complete package.

Outside of Kanopi, Vicki’s focus is her kids, followed by working out, hiking, beaching, and the noble intention to do yoga more regularly.


Being organized, detail oriented, research driven.

Favorite Game


Favorite Places

Tofino, BC. Oregon Coast. Crescent Beach, BC. Portland, OR. Brighton, England.

Did you know?

Vicki spent 5 years as a certified doula and childbirth educator. She’s had the amazing privilege of being present while many little ones entered the world.

West Coast of Canada