Kathleen Smith

QA Engineer

As our QA Engineer, Kat ensures everything we build for our clients works exactly as it should. She loves being a problem solver, and describes discovering and fixing those especially challenging, mysterious bugs as, quote, ‘fun’. It must be like a video game for extremely detail-oriented people.

In her spare time, Kat fosters neonatal kittens, combining her passion for tremendously painstaking work with her love of impossibly cute little critters. 


Manual testing (all), Certified Scrum Master

Favorite game

Civilization VI… “Just one more turn…” Sure, Kat, sure.

Favorite places

Her garden, anyone else’s garden, Topsail Island, NC, a good resale store, and anywhere that has animals she’s allowed to pet.

Did you know?

On two separate occasions, Kat has been driving in her car while a tornado touched down in her vicinity — one of which caused her to have a car accident.

No word on whether she gave hysterical post-tornado interviews on local TV news.

Durham, North Carolina