Wes Jones

Drupal Engineer

Wes uses his senior-level skill to help Kanopi craft web solutions for clients. He brings over 12 years of experience to our development team as a Senior Drupal Engineer. 

A big proponent of client-centric service, Wes has a knack for understanding a client's business needs and sculpting solutions that meet those needs.

His concentration on Drupal for the last ten years of his career gives Wes a deep skill set in the platform. His strong knowledge of web development and Drupal engineering make execution smooth, efficient and accurate. 

When away from his desk, Wes enjoys recording music, playing video games, and daily walks with his dog.


Drupal, Acquia Cloud, Acquia Lift, Pantheon, Solr, Xdebug, PHPUnit, Behat, Sass, Gulp, ESLint, Postcss, Webpack/Babel, TravisCI, Lando, Docksal, Vagrant, AWS, Acquia Personalization Pro, WordPress, React and Agile/Scrum.

Favorite Games

Myst, Batman: Arkham City and VVVVVV.

Favorite Places

El Cajas National Park, Ecuador, London, Seoul and Hong Kong.

Did you know?

Wes has been to the Great Wall 4 times. (He used to live in China).