Shiraz Dindar

Senior Drupal Engineer

Shiraz is a highly skilled Drupal developer and veteran programmer with over 18 years of experience. Coding full-time in PHP since 2003 and Drupal since 2007, he implements specialized client requirements in technically-rich frameworks.

His Drupal specializations include high-volume mapping applications (PostGIS, Geofield, Spatial, Leaflet), scalable search (Solr, Search API, Facet API, Search API Attachments), and complex data migrations (Feeds, Migrate). Having implemented and customized many dozens of Drupal modules, he is especially familiar with Features, Drush, Drush Make, Display Suite, Media, Scald, Organic Groups, Context, Views, Panels, Field Collections, and everything Drupal Core.

Shiraz’s skillset is further enhanced with considerable experience in GIT (with a focus on branching methodology), Apache, MySQL, and a broad base in Linux administration.

He works from Vancouver Island with a rock-perched office view of the Olympic Mountains, balancing screen time with nature hikes, beach play, rainforest meditations, paddleboarding, and trips into the charming city of Victoria, BC for soulful revelations with the intentional dance community. He also draws inspiration from his infinitely adorable son Zen, wife Carolina, and her two children Mahela and Jesiah. He also serves on the board of the Dogwood Initiative (an impactful BC-based environmental organization)


Complex Drupal backend jobs which include complex migrations and mapping applications; Search API and SOLR.

Favorite Places

Anywhere deep in nature, out on a paddleboard way out in the middle of the water, Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa.

Did you know?

Shiraz considers dance to be a form of collective prayer.

Vancouver Island, BC