Kim Murphy

Visual Designer

Kim has spent the last ten years of her career as a designer and themer. Whether it’s a small local shop or charity, or a large university or corporation, Kim is passionate about creating beautiful and intuitive user experiences and coding them as clean, usable themes for Kanopi’s clients.

She started creating websites at age 13, eventually heading to the University of Central Florida to earn a BA in Digital Media with a focus on Internet Interactions. A few months after graduation, she landed her first job as a web designer at an agency, and has been designing and theming for both Drupal and WordPress ever since. Because of her ability to slide between the UX and visual design into the theming work, she creates smooth transitions between design and development. Understanding the processes in both practices allows her to communicate effectively with both teams, and is particularly impressive considering she has to take the differences between Drupal and WordPress into account.

In short, Kim loves that she gets to be creative daily, producing informative products that people enjoy using while also helping clients meet their goals.

Outside of creating amazing online experiences, Kim’s interests include spending time with her family and trying new creative hobbies, such as knitting, crochet, painting, and making jewelry (to name a few).


Sitemaps, wireframes, interactive prototypes, moodboards, site concept design, style guide design, pattern library design, Drupal 7 theming

Favorite Games

Settlers of Catan, Small World, The Sims, Elder Scrolls games

Favorite Places

The mountains. A beautiful, small state park with natural springs next to our old home that we used to bring my son to everyday as a baby and toddler.