Ryan Leeson

Staff Engineer

As a WordPress Technical Lead, Ryan’s role is to provide technical leadership for client engagements, aiding the timely execution of projects through the lens of his technical experience. Ryan builds client relationships through collaboration with all stakeholders, designs thoughtful solutions, and guides other developers so project goals can be reached within the desired timeline and budget.

Ryan enjoys navigating the evolving technical landscape to find and implement solutions to both common and novel problems, but his favorite part of the job is using his skills to research a new product, service, or approach to a solution.

Outside of work, Ryan volunteers at the Delaware Nature Society, and enjoys running, hiking, yoga, skiing, and playing guitar and viola.


WordPress Plugin and Theme Development, PHP, JavaScript, Vue, SASS/SCSS/CSS, C# .NET Framework and Core, Package Management (Composer, NPM, Nuget), Webpack, Infrastructure Administration (Windows, Linux, CPanel/WHM, Azure).

Favorite Game

Any Final Fantasy title, Magic: The Gathering, and D&D.

Favorite Places

Forest trails especially in mountain areas leading to an overlook. The counter at a local coffee shop/cafe. Big Meadows in Shenandoah National Park. The edge of a mosh pit at a metal show. Anywhere hanging with immediate family and close friends.

Did You Know?

Ryan recently completed his 21st read through of the Hobbit + Lord of the Rings. This latest time he narrated both to his older son.

Ryan's Headshot
Wilmington, Delaware