Tanya Threlfall

Sales Executive

Tanya's job and passion here at Kanopi is to help people to see Kanopi as the solution partner for their website. After spending almost 10 years building teams and processes in higher education, Tanya came to Kanopi with a passion for solution thinking. She inspires change with her friendly and thoughtful approach.

She is great at analogies and helping folks understand the tech speak that often lives in the world of web design and development. And with her experience ranging across various industries including higher education, non-profit, medical, corporate and retail, Tanya is a seasoned and patient listener who understands business challenges and can work with folks on solutions regardless of vertical.

When Tanya isn’t helping solve the world's web problems, she spends her time with her family. She refers to herself as a “test chef” because she’s always trying out new recipes on her adventurous family. She enjoys a good game and can get a little competitive at Crazy 8s in cards.


Organized, Strong communication skills

Favorite Game

Love Sonic (Sega game). Crazy 8s

Favorite Places

The beach, the forest, home, and anywhere with good food. Somewhere beautiful and warm where people bring her things.

Victoria, BC