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What is BADCamp?

BADCamp is a Drupal conference for the people that brings together some of the brightest minds from all over the world for four days of talks, trainings, summits, sprints and socials. All for FREE!

Kanopi Studios was for many years a key organizer of BADCamp, volunteering our team’s time to assist in coordinating this annual celebration of Drupal.

BADCamp 2020 Sessions

DevOps Summit

Sean Dietrich portrait

DevOps Summit

With Sean Dietrich

DevOps helps you address the tools, processes, and people at your organization to promote a healthy and rapid creative process. The BADCamp DevOps Summit has historically brought the brightest minds in the Drupalverse under one roof to share their insights on GitOps, performance, scaling, automated testing, continuous integration, local development, deployment pipelines, ChatOps, and more.

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Front-end Summit

AmyJune at a conference

Front-End Summit

With AmyJune Hineline

The Front-End summit focuses on gathering some of the brightest minds in the Drupal and Open source communities to share their experiences and skills on the latest trends taking place in the world of Front-End, Decupled, Frameworks, and more. The Front-end initiatives within the Drupal ecosystem have always sparked great ideas and discussions and with the new release of Drupal 9, there are very exciting things happening such as new Admin and FE themes built from the ground up.

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Getting Started With Layout Builder


Getting Started With Layout Builder for Drupal 8 & 9

With Danny Englander

This presentation will cover the basics of getting started with Layout Builder. Drupal’s Layout Builder allows content editors, site builders, and themers to create visual layouts for displaying content. Users can customize how content is arranged on a single page, across types of content, or even create custom landing pages with an easy to use drag-and-drop interface.

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Meta Tag Strategy

Jim speaking and presenting

Implementing a top notch search and social media meta tag strategy

With Jim Birch

Do you want to enhance the look of your content on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest? Do you want to get included in rich search features in Google? Do you want to be prepared for what comes next? Configuring the correct metadata on your content can help boost the chances of it outperforming its competition in search results and on social media sites, and help your organization achieve its goals.

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Win a fight with Solr

Mark Casias black and white

How to win a fight with Solr

With Mark Casias

Sometimes configuring the set up with Solr on various platforms seems like going toe to toe with Mike Tyson. In this talk, I would like to give you an ear full on how to set up solr config with your local development (Docksal) and make sure the configuration can smoothly transition to your hosting services (various).

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Accessible Marketing Practices

Donna presenting

Accessible Marketing Practices

With Donna Bungard

Adopting an accessible marketing strategy can save time and money but what does that look like? In this session, we’ll talk through practical ways to incorporate accessibility into the marketing practices you’re already doing.

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BADCamp 2019 Sessions

Working Remotely

Anne speaking with a presentation

How to Work Remotely and Foster a Happy, Balanced Life

With Anne Stefanyk

Virtual. Remote. Distributed. Pick your label. This style of organization is becoming more popular and in-demand among many Drupal shops. While many folks have gone remote, some people find the experience quite isolating and disconnected.

Does remote work make people happier? Does it make them more productive? The answer is not really. It is not the act of working from home that creates employee happiness; it is creating a culture that fosters remote practices to develop meaning, collaboration, and happiness.

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Using Lighthouse

Paul Sheldrake portrait

Shine a Light on Me

With Paul Sheldrake

Have you ever wondered how your website performs in terms of Performance, SEO, Accessibility, and Best Practices? Come learn about the features of the Lighthouse auditing tool and the different ways that it can be integrated into your workflow.

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Local Development

Sean Dietrich portrait

Local Development Environments Panel Discussion

With Sean Dietrich

Local Drupal development can be tricky, especially with so many tooling choices. Having an environment that works for you is important whether you’re a developer, tester, designer, or any sort of stakeholder. In this session, we’ll review a few of the tools available (there are 37+ for Drupal at last count), their features, and meet some of the folks who build and use them.

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New Contributor Workshop

AmyJune sharing at DrupalCon

New Contributor Workshop

With AmyJune Hineline

Drupal thrives on community contributions in the form of patches and documentation to both contributed modules and core. This helps the project move forward and stay relevant.

Not everyone who works on open source projects is a senior developer. Drupal is built through lots of little tasks. Smaller tasks help people increase confidence and gain experience, which, in turn, leads to more contributions. We’ll build on each other’s strengths to learn how to navigate the issue queue while having fun trying new things.

But how does one become a contributor?

Together we will go through the process of creating an issue, writing a patch, uploading the fix to Drupal.org, reviewing the patch for RTBC (reviewed and tested by the community) and more. We’ll even take a look at the upcoming GitLab contribution process because specific tools and processes change over time.

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BADCAmp 2018 Sessions

COIT Drupal 8 Case Study

Jim and Sean presenting

Cleaning up their mess: How a franchise carpet cleaning service made their domain spotless and tidy

With Sean Dietrich & Jim Birch

It had been years since the COIT site had been updated, and it posed a host of technical challenges. It was time for COIT to clean up its own mess.

In this case study we covered the more technical parts of this Drupal 8 implementation.

View the COIT session.

Meta & Schema

Jim speaking and presenting

Meta and Schema: Defining the Content about your Content

With Jim Birch

This session will present a whirlwind, two fisted, no holds barred, data filled session that has almost too much information about implementing Schema.org schemas for structured data and current best practice meta tags in Drupal. This session is meant for anyone responsible for publishing content online and for those that empower them to do so.

Friendly Stalking

Kat speaking about heatmaps

Friendly Stalking: Learning from your users (without being creepy)

With Katherine White

This talk will expose some touchpoints that can help you learn about your users and how they interact with your site. We’ll discuss tools that move beyond just your analytics platform to help you gain access to these insights, and we’ll walk through some core features of Google Analytics that you may not be aware of.

Refresh vs Rebuild?

Anne speaking with a presentation

If it Ain’t Broke… Does Your Website Need a Refresh or Rebuild?

With Anne Stefanyk

Does your website need some love? Often you can evolve the investment in your existing website with a Focused Fix. Making targeted updates allow you to focus on addressing a few key issues, while still leveraging the investment of time, energy and funds that went into your site’s foundation.

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