Kanopi & Pantheon


Kat Talking with Pantheon

Over 10 years of collaboration

Kanopi is a Strategic Partner with Pantheon

Whether it’s migrating over 30 years of content with Exploratorium, or improving online conversions by 178% with COIT , we love to work with Pantheon to create exceptional websites. 

Pantheon’s WebOps philosophy of continuous improvement matches our own approach to website creation and maintenance, focusing on iterative improvements that make websites sustainable and long-lasting. In fact, many of our developers are Pantheon WebOps certified. 

Why else do we choose Pantheon? We enjoy their 24/7 support for both Drupal and WordPress sites, their on-demand and daily backups, their tools to improve caching and performance, and the ability to test everything before launch, to name a few reasons.

Pantheon’s technology takes care of the server maintenance so our team can focus on developing an amazing website for you.

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