Kanopi SANDCamp 2016 Presentations

Kanopi Studios is excited to attend SANDcamp 2016 in San Diego! This year, two of our Kanopi team members will be presenting at this great event that brings together Drupal experts and San Diego’s best and brightest talent for four days of learning, sharing, training and teaching! Join one or all of us at our seminars during your time at SANDCamp.

Themer Friendly Module Development
Saturday, February 27th – 5:00pm to 5:40pm
Room: G7

Join Jason Savino, Senior Drupal Engineer at Kanopi Studios as he outlines how to help module developers output code that themers can use without losing the modules integrity!

How many times have you sat down to theme a site only to find that a custom or contrib module is outputting data that doesn’t work with the comps. Unordered lists that need to be divs, divs that need to be spans or tables that need to be anything but a table! Modules that have un-themable HTML as output have caused hours of unneeded stress that could have been avoided.

The session will include:

  • Demoing a fully functional sample module with two different issues
  • Discussing rational to change each issue
  • Walk through the code modifications for each issue
  • This session is perfect for all front-end and back-end developers!

About Jason: Jason Savino is an experienced Drupal front-end developer with over a decade of experience in web development including digital graphics and content management systems. He has strong problem-solving and innovating skills and has a passion for standards-based design and accessibility, as well as user-centric design.

Learn more Here: https://www.sandcamp.org/session/themer-friendly-module-development

Intro to Backdrop CMS (Full Day)
Thursday, February 25, 2016 – 9:30am
Room F9

Co-Led by our own Darius Garza – immerse yourself in this full day training session where you will be introduced the basics of creating and administering a website with Backdrop CMS. Full itinerary and information regarding the pre-requisite here: https://www.sandcamp.org/backdrop-intro-backdrop-cms-full-day

Jen Lampton, Founder of Backdrop CMS, is our co-leader for the full day training. Backdrop CMS is a fork to Drupal – it is robust CMS for smaller companies, nonprofits and others who need a comprehensive website – but have a limited budget. (PS – Congrats to Backdrop CMS for the recent one year anniversary!)

About Darius: Darius Garza is a Designer at Kanopi Studios. He translates client goals, aspirations and UX insight into a visual reality. During his years at a large Drupal design agency he has created website and visual identities for many high profile clients. He is also the creative lead for the Bay Area Drupal Camp, which Kanopi is a large supporter of in terms of sponsorship and time donation.

Planning to attend one of Kanopi’s sessions at SANDcamp 2016? – tweet us @kanopi_studios or post a comment on our Facebook Page.