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Big impact on a small budget
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UNT Dallas Home Page

Client Overview

Perched on a hilltop, overlooking the Downtown Dallas skyline, the University of North Texas at Dallas (UNT Dallas) is the only public, accredited 4-year university in the City of Dallas, serving Dallas-Fort Worth. Their value-based education is accompanied by innovative, high-quality academic programs that include opportunities for rich experiential learning.

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The Problem

UNT Dallas is a school that’s invested in learning and development, with students at the heart of everything they do. Their existing website needed to be as accessible as their programs, and showcase their student-centric approach to higher education. They needed to make updates to design and functionality with a modest budget. 

The Solution

Working with their existing code, Kanopi was able to make fast, nimble updates that made a big impact to the site. The Homepage refresh introduced a design that allows for customizable blocks of content where UNT Dallas can highlight important campus events and differentiators. Updated imagery creates a story of life on campus, helping new and potential students connect; with the addition of key stats on the homepage showing the strengths of the school. 

The Process

Homepage Design

An updated look and feel for the homepage provides a more appealing and innovative brand reflection. The header and footer are global visual optimizations to refresh the rest of the site.

UNT Dallas Home Page

Easier Forms

Forms were reimagined and simplified to improve the user experience for those filling out the forms, resulting in a higher rate of conversion. 

UNT Dallas Form

Key Features

Quick Stat Information

We utilized a common practice of larger, quick bites of statistical information on the homepage to quickly tell a story of breadth and authority within the academic arena.

Customizable Footer

The footer for UNT Dallas was hard coded and difficult to update. We revamped the Drupal backend to include the footer for easy content management for technical and non-technical content editors.

Storytelling Through Visuals

The previous design had titles that overtook the imagery on the homepage. By adjusting the title information and focusing more real estate on the images, UNT Dallas can tell a more compelling story through color and emotion.

The Result

The Homepage reskin elevated UNT Dallas’ digital presence and modernized its look. Updates to the site make it easier to access and navigate, giving visitors a better experience and showcasing the school and its strengths.

By working with the existing site code and a modest budget, Kanopi was able to make small changes that led to big wins.

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