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American Epilepsy Society

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Building a Foundation for Future Events.

The American Epilepsy Society’s Annual Meeting is a yearly event that covers many topics around epilepsy, primarily education.

The American Epilepsy Society (AES) came to Kanopi Studios with the goal of building a new Annual Meeting Website. Additionally, the new website needed to be completed in a very short amount timeframe so AES could begin using it in pre-event efforts. Because the original Annual Meeting content was contained within the organization’s main website, it was limited both by the structural and technological limitations of the site. AES needed a site that would provide greater flexibility to create attractive pages that would inform and engage meeting attendees, as well as be able to support future Annual Meetings.

Kanopi Studios worked with AES to better understand their needs for promoting the Annual Meeting, as well as the needs of their attendees. Additionally, Kanopi worked to better understand the limitations of their original configuration. The end result is a standalone Drupal 8 website built on a responsive framework which provides the AES team with greater flexibility to create layouts that can evolve as their needs change.

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