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General Data

A modern website built for longevity to help companies streamline their operations
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Client Overview

General Data provides products and solutions to companies in diverse industries that help them streamline operations, improve process visibility, strengthen customer relationships, and overcome complex business challenges.

With General Data, companies can empower their operations and staff with the best tools and technologies to be more efficient, lower costs, produce more, sell more, and take their business to the next level.

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The Challenge

General Data needed to uplift their visual brand presence online and present their products and solutions in an appealing and user-friendly way. Having joined the Kanopi Studios continuous support program in 2016, we helped General Data through incremental improvements to their website over the years. In 2019, they were ready for a full site refresh.

The Process


Through a skillful review of General Data’s analytics, heatmaps, stakeholder sessions, user feedback, and more, the Kanopi team defined guiding pillars for execution: 

  • reposition with new layouts to bring the products and solutions to life, 
  • rearrange by grouping content and allowing access to effortlessly cross-promote throughout the site, and,
  • reimagine the visual design through a cleaner and more innovative pattern library of assets.
General Data Old Homepage


The new visual design updated the General Data color palette and design system. The use of precise angles and aperture-like styles gives the abundance of content an orderly and elegant presentation.

Additionally, a new content strategy allowing reusable content gives content administrators the ability to create content once and reference and display across the site where desired.

General Data Home Page

The Solution

Armed with the data from our Research & Discovery phase, the Kanopi team started first with an audit of existing form collections currently used by the site.

The client team is very technically-savvy and proficient in their content management, so we wanted to follow the current administration structures as closely as possible. 

Next, the wireframing took place, which began to blueprint the redesigned layout, including rearranging and repositioning.

We approached the visual design with two options of style tiles for General Data to explore, and with one chosen, we took the wireframe blueprints further.

Lastly, we altered the current D7 experience for the new styles and functions. 

The team then took the content phase and ran with it — a lot of collaboration and partnership made this project a great success!

Key Features

General Data Navigation

Engaging & informative navigation

By employing a mega menu style, the menu now provides an organized and visual view of the diverse set of solutions and products General Data offers.

General Data Filtering & Searching

Filtering & Searching

A few sections of the site, which have a robust amount of information, needed a sophisticated way for users to find information.

General Data Project Pages

Product Displays

Internal product page heroes are visually engaging and provide quick access to more information and support requests.

The Result

Their refreshed website went live in September 2020, and we are pleased the immediate response internally at General Data is positive. 

Partnering with Kanopi since 2016, General Data has focused on iterative enhancements and website optimizations through our continuous support program. 

We implemented the reskin with a high level of administration flexibility based on their current Drupal 7 instance, so General Data continues to optimize their content and pages with the new components. 

Kanopi and General Data will continue to review metrics following the launch of the new site to measure audience behavior and produce insights for further optimizations.

Reduction in Bounce Rate
- 1.5 %
Increase in views of product and solution pages
+ 1,000

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