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Moscone Center

A website centered in a modern design.

Moscone Center on multiple devices

Client Overview

The Moscone Center is the largest convention and exhibition complex in San Francisco, California, hosting hundreds of events and over 33 million people every year. It’s an expansive space for meetings, conferences, trade shows, or any type of special event. Its main online audience is event planners looking for good spaces and comprehensive information around the logistics of hosting their events at Moscone.

Moscone Center Mobile Gallery

The challenge

The Moscone Center is well-known in the Bay area as an impressive space that holds world-class events at a large scale. Their space is inspiring, but their website was not. Built in a static HTML, the Moscone site was outdated, not responsive, and not reflective of their modern center. The new website needed to match the Center’s vision to “deliver a state of the art venue and exceptional guest experience.”

The process


Comprehensive Designs

A full redesign was done to showcase the center in a visually stunning way that matches the brand mission and vision. We moved them onto a Drupal 10 site, taking the site from static to dynamic, modern, and robust.

Moscone designs

Content Strategy

A complex content audit was performed to optimize the current content, find content gaps, and create new content that meets the Center’s goals.

Moscone content strategy documents

The solution

Kanopi took the Center’s site from static HTML to a polished Drupal 10 site that they’re proud to show off to visitors. We started with Discovery, digging into the goals and vision for the Center and its brand. We worked with their team closely throughout the design, content strategy, and UX phases, capturing the unique modules and aspects they required. This includes custom guides that are easily downloadable by prospective event organizers, and a calendar integration to showcase their upcoming event schedule.

Key features

Custom Assets

Moscone floor plans

We built a feature that allows Moscone to build custom PDF guides and handbooks in an easy to download format for interested event planners.

Meeting Planner Guidelines

Moscone meeting planner guidelines

For their core audience, this page was given special attention so event planners had all the information they needed in one organized place.

Event Calendar

Moscone's event calendar

The event calendar integration pulls in events from an external feed, keeping the schedule up to date and easily accessible to the public.

The result

The Moscone Center’s new site is fresh and modern, better capturing the visual appeal of the architecture itself. The site is also built with flexibility for future growth, allowing administrators on the back-end to make immediate updates that keeps information current and accessible for visitors.