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A Holistic User Experience for a Holistic Practice

The UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine is a premier integrative health resource in the San Francisco Bay Area, and strives to successfully integrate modern medicine, healthy lifestyle practices, and established healing approaches from around the globe. 

Due to an internal directive at UC to move all sites to Drupal, the Osher Center site was slated for an upgrade. The timing was serendipitous as the content had become outdated and disorganized, and the site wasn’t appealing from a visual standpoint. With a five-month long timeframe, Kanopi was tasked with doing a full end-to-end project involving strategy, design, and development to create a site that worked for a variety of audiences that included patients, fellows, donors, students, and community members.

To improve the user experience, a new site map and set of wireframes were created to ensure clear pathways to important information. Using the UCSF Drupal distribution, as well as taking direction from existing UC brand guidelines, Kanopi extended the existing pattern library to meet all the needs for the new Osher Center site. The distribution was also expanded to include flexible layouts so that editors had the ability to confidently populate pages with whatever content was needed to make that layout work.

On the visual design front, the goal was to create a site that was warm and inviting, conveying hope, healing, and confidence. The lighter tints from UCSF’s highly saturated primary and secondary color palettes were chosen so the colors were calming and peaceful. Photography recommendations were to use imagery with warm colors and natural elements to insure that the site wouldn’t feel too clinical. Any images with people were to be calming, with positive interactions with patients, practitioners, and class participants.

UCSF Osher now has a set of templates that they can combine in endless ways, regardless of the type of content. The site is also now responsive, allowing for wider audience use. The new site gives UCSF Osher Center a superior tool to help patients and others get the information they need for comprehensive good health. 

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