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Creating the architecture to support rich SEO and content consumption for scholars, students, and the public.

The Mises Institute is the world’s largest, oldest, and most influential nonprofit educational institution devoted to promoting the Austrian School of economics, freedom, and peace in the tradition of classical liberalism. Kanopi has worked with the Mises Institute since fall 2013 where we re-launched their digital presence. Our team designed and built a modern, user-centric architecture, then migrated 450,000 pieces of unique content, with a meticulous eye on SEO. We implemented a custom Apache Solr search to drive content consumption and a donations microsite, integrated with SalesForce. We provide ongoing support and are currently working on a Phase 2 roll out for the online Academy and Store. This is an excellent example of our Responsive Web Design skillset.

The result: The site redesign (2012), brought the Mises Institute an astronomical increase in subscribers. This has lasted year over year; there was a 207% increase in signups in 2018. This demonstrates how building a sustainable and strong foundation from the beginning results in longevity and use of a site. 

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