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Surfacing information to the right people in the right place and at the right time. 

Client Overview

The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) is an organization that serves professionals in business communication. They offer educational opportunities, certifications, a resource library, an online magazine, an annual conference, and more, all centered around supporting business communication professionals.

The Problem

Despite their incredible content, the lack of a cohesive content strategy meant that the internal editorial and managerial team had to recreate content as well as maintain multiple platforms and domains. This resulted in too much textual content being dumped on the user in huge chunks across several links, and no clear way for editors to promote new content as it was being created. IABC was also stuck with limited layouts that made it difficult for users to navigate and find relevant information.

Additionally, over the years, the IABC brand had become spread across multiple websites; content and tasks were disjointed between different platforms, and three different brands had to be managed. 

The sites had become too cumbersome for a small internal team serving a large international member base. It was time to consolidate the separate sites, clean up the editorial experience, and create dynamic ways to present content in order to increase membership renewal and allow audiences to access the information they needed, anytime, anywhere.

The Solution

Cleaning up the user experience for both internal and external users. 

Kanopi Studios worked with IABC to gain a deeper understanding of the main IABC domain, and to determine how user flows through the system could be streamlined. In order to give IABC greater control over the content creation process, Kanopi cleaned up the admin interface, and provided more dynamic and interesting layouts that IABC could update without help. 

We also gave IABC the visual components with which to craft new pages and keep the brand consistent; after a large and tricky migration of content by editors, authors and members, the visual components allowed IABC the ability to present that information in more digestible bites by using color cues, images, clear headlines and buttons. What was previously large paragraphs of text was changed into an experience that users could easily consume.

In addition to completely reimagining the look and feel of the core IABC domain, Kanopi built a single sign-on solution and migrated content from not one, but three separate sites, merging the three separate domains to live under a single main site.

The most difficult piece was the membership area: using ACF repeater fields, we were able to create a fully customizable chart that was also responsive. IABC can now choose if it needs subdivisions used on the Individual side, or multiple columns used on the membership side.

The Result

The amalgamation of sites got the brand unified under a consistent look and feel, and is now driving all user traffic under that single channel, which also cuts down on the site maintenance as well. What was once a site where information was buried and often in PDF form, IABC now has a mobile-friendly WordPress site that sets them up for success with their content presentation and provides a cleaner user experience.

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