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Global Brain Health Institute

Bringing awareness to dementia work around the world

Client Overview

The Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI) is dedicated to protecting the world’s aging populations from threats to brain health. GBHI brings together a powerful mix of disciplines, professions, backgrounds, skills, perspectives, and approaches to develop new science-based solutions.

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The Challenge

GBHI is doing incredible work around the world to reduce the impact of dementia, specifically in marginalized communities. Their mission and work is invaluable and it’s driving real change for communities that need it most. But their website didn’t position them as the world-class organization they are; it had minimal design and was outdated. The focus of the site was largely on their Fellowship Program, but it was missing information about the Pilots/Projects they support and it didn’t capture the true story, vision, and purpose driving GBHI’s work.

A lot of their content was documented in downloadable PDF brochures and documents making it less accessible, and that content needed to be migrated to the website and positioned in a way that told the real story.

The Process

Homepage — before

GBHI’s design was outdated, missing high-quality imagery, and had many content gaps. Its main focus was the Fellowship Program, leaving out the vast initiatives and other work they’re doing to fight dementia worldwide. We performed a full content strategy and audit as well as created a new site map and a complete overhaul of their Design.

GBHI previous homepage

Homepage — after

Through our Research & Discovery and Content Strategy, we were able to revamp the site navigation, as well as identify key messaging and headlines to tell the GBHI story. We added high-quality imagery and a website design that allows visitors to understand the scope of the initiatives GBHI supports, while still highlighting their Fellows and Fellowship Program.

GBHI homepage after

The Solution

Kanopi worked with GBHI on content strategy, starting with a full content audit of their existing site. We were able to map their current content to their ideal site map, and then identify the gaps in content. From there we determined where we could pull content from, and where we needed to write and develop brand new copy. We worked closely with the GBHI team — interviewing key people in the organization—to capture information in their words, so we could tell their story. Simultaneously, we helped GBHI get clear on their tone and voice, and develop brand guidelines for the way they write.

Through this process, we were able to launch a site that shows hundreds of projects, pilots, and advocacy initiatives, and Bios for their fellows, faculty, and staff. We also launched brand new pages like “Who We Are”, and a “Training” section that explains their fellowship program in full detail.

We also thoroughly trained their team members, so they’re able to make future updates in the easy-to-use dynamic new website.

Key Features

GBHI Bios and pilots

Bios, Pilots, and Projects

The new site features a filterable list tagged with keywords that showcases GBHI’s most important content.

GBHI content planning

Content Mapping and Planning

A robust content strategy identifies gaps and opportunities in storytelling.

GBHI admin interface

Intuitive Administrative Interface

Staff can make future updates easily.

The Result

The new site allows GBHI to educate the public on their wide array of initiatives and celebrate the people behind the work. Their content is now presented in a cohesive way that captures everything they aim to share with the world. They’re able to attract new fellows, collaborators, and supporters.

After the launch of the site, GBHI saw a 30% increase in website visitors as compared to the previous year.

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