Split-screen of Kat White on left behind a podioum at WordCamp US, with an image from her slides on the right talking about user privacy.

Responsible Tracking: Learning from Your Users Without Being Creepy

Be transparent, responsible, and accessible.

In late October, I went with my colleague AmyJune Hineline to St Louis for WordCamp US, an amazing conference where the best and brightest in WordPress get together to learn and share knowledge. And I was thrilled to present this talk about Responsible Tracking. It’s one of my favorite talks since I believe it’s critical to find the balance between learning form your users without getting insidious with how the data is being collected. We all want to know more so we can make better websites that attract users, but we need to be responsible about it!

This talk exposes some touch points that you can leverage with WordPress (and other CMS as well) to help you learn about your users and how they interact with your site. I discuss tools that move beyond just your analytics platform to help you gain access to these insights, and walk through some core features of Google Analytics that you may not be aware of.

After this session, you’ll have a better understanding of the types of tracking tools, the information you can glean from them, and how to ensure your data tracking is responsible, transparent, and accessible.