AmyJune Hineline

Open Source Community Ambassador

As Kanopi’s community ambassador, AmyJune keeps the team connected to the open-source communities of both WordPress and Drupal.

AmyJune will be scouting opportunities for training, speaking, volunteering, and collaboration at camps and cons across the nation, while representing the Kanopi brand wherever she goes.

She brings tremendous community participation and leadership experience to the Kanopi team, including co-organizing a11ytalks and contribution days, volunteering at Florida Camp, BADCamp and DrupalCorn, working with the Drupal Spotlight group, and shining a light on other community leaders, including this article she wrote about AV volunteer extraordinaire, Kevin Thull.

In addition to her work building community connections, AmyJune is an avid geocacher and noted Volkswagen enthusiast.

Favorite game


Favorite place

Armstrong Grove in Sonoma County

Did you know?

AmyJune is a mycologist who is fascinated by fungi.