Peyton O’Donoghue

Visual Designer

As a Designer with over 10 years of experience, Peyton is extremely passionate and proud of the work she does. She’s worked in WordPress for over 5 years, strategically designing user-friendly and accessible websites to meet a variety of clients’ goals. Peyton works holistically on the entire design process — solving visual design problems in order to create mood boards, pattern libraries, full layouts, user interfaces — leading to full website design.

She loves staying fit through exercise and morning walks, getting outside in nature on camping trips, hiking her local trails, and any water sport. She loves to cook, in particular hosting cookouts for family and friends.


Graphic Design, Brand Strategy, Print & Digital Marketing Design, Data Visualization, UI/UX Design, sitemaps,  HTML/CSS, SEO.

Favorite Game

A competitive game of pool or darts (she has a dartboard at home,  and grew up playing both).

Favorite Places

A hidden hiking trail in her hometown (Shenandoah Valley), Lake Hartwell in Clemson, SC, Graves Mountain Farm and Lodges, the WWII monument in Washington, DC, and Granada, Spain.

Did You Know?

She studied sign language in college, and she hates melted cheese of any kind (even on pizza).

Washington, District of Columbia