Faye Polson

WordPress Engineer

As WordPress Support Engineer, Faye responds to support tickets of all kinds including site updates, configurations, custom themes and plugins.

She started working with WordPress four years ago and quickly became one of the top developers at her agency, where she was often able to create entire sites as live wireframes before any styles were applied.

Faye’s marketing, graphic design, strategy and content writing background give her broad perspective as a strategic partner for Kanopi’s clients.

Outside of work, Faye is all about Dungeons & Dragons: she is a Dungeon Master as well as a player, and has even written a few of her own campaigns. She’s also a self-published sci-fi author who enjoys gaming, watching Stargate SG-1, snuggling kitties, and playing with her adorable nephews.


CSS, identifying and troubleshooting styling issues, finding creative (but W3C valid!) ways to use CSS/LESS/SASS, staying focused on SEO

Favorite game

Dungeons & Dragons

Favorite places

Her home comes first, followed by the summer camp she used to attend as a child, then Hawaii, rainy days in Vancouver, and the Calgary Fan Expo.

Did you know?

Faye has a scar on her arm that looks like a cat bum when it is squished the right way.

Red Deer, Alberta, Canada